Work has never been so easy

Try Worksbot and make your life simpler

Your personal assistant at work

Worksbot is a Virtual Assistant designed to for organizations to help individuals by answering questions and solving problems, and drive them through processes.

It integrates databases of all the company and collects new data to analyze it and provide teams with useful insights and real time predictive alerts.

It understands natural language and show emotions to relate with the users. Also, it correct spelling mistakes and engage in social dialogues.

Feature Rich.

Data/Systems integration

Integration of all data coming from the systems and databases of the company

Intelligent assistant

Intelligent chat bot to solve all the problems and answer the questions that users can have when carrying out their work

Data collection

Collection of data and instant integration of it. The collection can be made through the chatbot or the processes templates

Portable / mobile

Simple and intuitive navigation and a personalized user experience

User/team insights

Dynamic dashboard with insights related to a user or a whole team

Predictive alarms

Real-time and predictive alerts in your app

Processes templates

Personalized templates which drive a user through each of the steps in a work task/process

Team Chat

Integrated chat to connect any person/team instantly

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